I have been following this post closely as I am currenly trying out both CJ and SS. Yesterday I used CJ smoothing lotion + CEJ + FHG. Hair was very soft, better than I think it's ever felt. Started out with minimal frizz but got worse as day went on. I had very little root curl but great sprirals starting about halfway down. Maybe it was the way I diffused. Would have loved this combo if had more root curl.
Today I used the very last little bit of CCCC I had left from my sample + CEJ + CIAB. So far I love this combo! Great root curl, shiny, defined curls, very little frizz, more crunch to scrunch out today than yesterday and hair doesn't feel bad but not as great as it did yesterday. WIll try CJ BLI, CEJ, FHG next time
Cyndi ~ TX CG since 11/10
3a, medium texture, normal porosity & elasticity, medium density, color-treated, frizz-prone

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Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coco; AIA Coconut cowash
Cleansing: CJ DF
RO: CJ Smoothing,GVP CB
LI: CJ Smoothing Lotion, AIA leave in
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