I love the picture of Simon having a chat. I wonder what cat are talking about when they do that?

Ed licked my face earlier after I'd been eating toast with honey on it. <3
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Simon was clearly saying, "Mother is ignoring me! FEEEEEEED ME before I starve unto DEATH!" (That's me behind him - apparently doing something that involved him not being able to be on my lap... )

Simon LOVES toast so I have to eat fast to keep him out of it, and yes, he's been known to try to stick his entire head into my mouth if I've recently eaten a chicken sandwich.
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I have to be careful if I'm cooking chicken. I've caught Eddy a few times with raw chicken in his mouth about to run away or running away with cooked chicken.

Once he brought me a used teabag to bed over night, I think it had been in the sink and one night I had stupidly left the bread uncovered and he brought that to the bed as well. I found half a baguette under my bed once too.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.