I love the picture of Simon having a chat. I wonder what cat are talking about when they do that?

Ed licked my face earlier after I'd been eating toast with honey on it. <3
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Simon was clearly saying, "Mother is ignoring me! FEEEEEEED ME before I starve unto DEATH!" (That's me behind him - apparently doing something that involved him not being able to be on my lap... )

Simon LOVES toast so I have to eat fast to keep him out of it, and yes, he's been known to try to stick his entire head into my mouth if I've recently eaten a chicken sandwich.
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I have to be careful if I'm cooking chicken. I've caught Eddy a few times with raw chicken in his mouth about to run away or running away with cooked chicken.

Once he brought me a used teabag to bed over night, I think it had been in the sink and one night I had stupidly left the bread uncovered and he brought that to the bed as well. I found half a baguette under my bed once too.
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Oh my! This is making me laugh.

My one dog loves bread... Last year, around Christmas, we had bought a few big bags of assorted rolls to have with Christmas dinner. Someone had set them on the dining room table after we got back from the store, as there wasn't any room in the kitchen. Fast forward to when we're getting everything set out, and we're missing an entire bag... Turns out, one of the dogs had stolen the whole bag, and was nomming on the rolls in her crate. I think she'd eaten about half of the bag.

"And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance
But you are not alone in this"

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