Hi, guys (:
I'm fourteen years old and I've had my hair completely natural from when I was about twelve - it wasn't all curly before because I was in primary school and had it in a tight pony every day - I didn't even know I had curly hair 'til I was twelve and a bit - and anyway, I've had it natural 'til about - 3 months ago? I started blow-drying it - a bit of change, you know - and after, like, even just a week (I wasn't using any heat protection) my hair went completely dry at the ends and it started splitting about a week after that.
I didn't cop on to stop blow-drying it until about two weeks ago and it has been fully natural from then 'til now. But it's still really dry and looks terrible. I have to get it cut too - that's probably part of the problem - but any extra help would be HUUUUUUGELY appreciated - and I'm Irish so probably won't be able to get most American products! Thanks, you peoples!