I use both and love both.
CJ products I LOVE:
banana hibiscus DT
Beauticurls conditioner
I want to try the new product that has more hold than CIAB too.
I have to stay away from glycerine so it gets a little tricky for me with CJ b/c a lot of her products have glycerine way high up on the list.
The smoothing conditioner (leave in) is nice too.

Spiral Solutions:
I just recently decided to try SS based on the reviews here and ordered the Jelly and LOVE IT! It may even be a HG product for me. I feels like a gel, but it light, and can be scrunched out, not sticky, holds frizz at bay, and is a great base under another product. LOVE it!
Wanting to try the Deep Conditioner b/c ppl say they use it as a leave in and styler which would be great b/c it doesn't have glycerine. I would also like to try the gel but saw that on the reviews a lot of ppl are having trouble with flaking.

It is interesting to read the things ppl are saying on here and helps me spend wisely.

I also absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Darcy Botanicals Pumpkin Conditioner--definitely a HG in my rotation, that stuff is like magic and smells like you want to eat it! I am wanting to try more in that line as well but my hair doesn't like castor oil so I'm kind of hesitant b/c a lot of that line has castor oil and some of them also have glycerine.

I swim 3-4x per week, use a cap but I still get that nasty water in my hair plus I color my hair. My hair drinks everything up, it must be VERY porous. Mix in the coloring, swimming, and sun here in FL and well, I need great conditioners and stylers that double as conditioners.
Hair Type-3b Location: Florida
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Poo: Jessicurl HCC, As I Am
Conditioners: Aubrey Organics, KCKT, CJ HBDT, Darcy's Botanicals
Leave In/Styling: KCCC, Darcy's Botanicals, SS
Favorites (HG): KCCC; spiral solutions jelly; darcy's botanicals, FSG
No-No's: castor oil, beeswax, glycerine, silicones
LOVE: aloe vera, agave nectar, shea butter, flax seed gel; good DT's once a week
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