hey girls, a little off the subject of SS or CJ...I got my Jessecurl sample in the mail today and just finished drying it and I have beautiful clumps and spirals but a lot of surface spider web frizz! Anyone ever try using the JCRR with the SSFHG to combat the frizz?
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I had the same problem with Jessicurl! Great clumps and coils, but lots of frizz and fuzz. I tried it really early on after going CG, so I abandoned it pretty quickly. I like your idea of using it with the FHG. I'll have to give that a try!

On a side note, Beebop, I think we may have similar hair. My hair has similar properties and seems to have the have the same types of reactions to products.
waves, loose coils, and cherub curls (=mixed 2s through 3a), very fine texture overall (but with medium and even coarse strands scattered throughout)