First off let me update you on my hair "issues". Before I ever started co-washing my hair was kind of curly AND very very short (I mean around my EARS short) and had a lot of bulk at the bottom and no lift on top. I was battling with my curly mess and hating it so much I would constantly wear it up in a sort of pony-tail. Well a few months passed (like 4) and my hair is now a bit longer than my shoulders and it's WAVY. I hated it so much and I couldn't believe that my curls went away. I would diffuse my hair after using some mousse and I'd get great root lift and volume but not that many curls.
Oh! And I was also battling with a kind of scalp problem. It wasn't dandruff but just random flaking and it was very very very VERY itchy.
Well it was then that I came across this curlygirl at naturallycurly. Needless to say I went out "hair" shopping. I bought argan moroccan oil (i have INCESSANT frizz), a wide-toothed comb, and Suave Coconut Conditioner. I was so excited to begin. Well my first day after co-washing and plopping my hair I was shocked. It look WONDERFUL. My hair felt healthy and curls were back and I looked like "me" (lol). After a few hours though, I started noticing some frizz, unfortunately. Well I have been co-washing for 2 weeks already and the frizz is EVERYWHERE. I mean, the curls are back but they are surrounded with a frizz HALO. Even in the shower when conditioning my hair I notice that there is still some frizz that isn't absorbing the conditioner. It's driving me MAD. Also, the itchy scalp is a lot better but still there. Any suggestions? I used Selsun Blue thinking it was dandruff but to no avail. The itching and flaking was still there.

Soo..I would love some advice about how to take care of 2c/3a hair, prevent the frizz, and get rid of the itchiness.

Please and thank you!
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it sounds like you *might* need a good exfoliation. Try some tea tree oil on the scalp, and then scrub with an olive oil/brown sugar combo, and rinse with apple cider vinegar. If this doesn't help, I'd almost suggest seeing a dermatologist - you may have dermatitis, and that can be helped with a prescription shampoo (I know, i know...)...