Maybe you need to do a protein treatment? I am also experiencing some breakage which I think is from a winter of over-moisturizing. Your hair needs a balance of protein and moisture and tipping the balance too much on either one will cause breakage. It seems like you are moisturizing your hair enough and you didn't mention protein so I think over-moisturized hair may be the culprit.

I wrote some articles on my blog about the importance of the moisture and protein balance and how to tell if your hair needs more moisture or more protein if you want to refer:

Precious Curls - Celebrate Natural Hair!: Moisture vs. Protein

Precious Curls - Celebrate Natural Hair!: Tip: The Wet Assessment

Hope that helped you hyspin!
Originally Posted by Mz.Preciosa
Yeah I did a protein treatment a week before the trim

But your articles will definitely be useful, I originally heard about the concept of protein moisture balance from the blog “Mane and Chic” I don't need to do it too often except summers when the humidity is through the roof. I love summer

But maybe I will try your assessment ( when wet) because my hair has a lot if bounce back when dry and maybe I am not seeing a deeper issue. Thanks I will fit a try tomorrow.

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