Got a haircut yesterday and the stylist asked if she could straighten it.
normally I would have said no but I thought it might be fun to change it up for a day. So I agreed and she flat ironed it out.

Well it was fun, for about half an hour. Then I started missing my curls. I felt kind of bland and "not me" you know? When I got home my roommate got all excited and said "Oh my god your hair is straight!"
I said "I know, but I'm not really a fan. I can't wait to wash it."
and then she had to say Really. in that weird kinda sarcastic tone as in "why-would-you-want-to-make-it-curly-again?"

(She has stick straight hair down to her waist, by the way)
I explained to her that I felt like it wasn't me, and I felt like my hair is what makes me look unique/interesting

She went ahead and told me that guys always come up and compliment her on her hair and they always tell her they like straight hair better.
I was RAGING on the inside at that point so I went to my BFs

the one redeeming thing about that night? When I got over to my boyfriend's (who has begging to see my hair straightened for years) he said "I changed my mind. I dont want you to straighten your hair. Your curly hair gives you character and without it you just look like Katie (my roommate)"

sweet redemption.

Now that my rant is over. What sort of comebacks do you guys use when girls with stick straight hair make those sort of comments like they are better than you, or that you should obviously want hair like them?
My roommate has lovely hair but it is absolutely not for