I also have a varied curl pattern. I have large s-waves on the top, and super tight ringlets underneath, and curlier on the right side then the left It's truly annoying, and I almost wished it were the other away around.. oh well.

First, hair cut seems to help - I have shorter layers on the crown section so that the waves can curl up more and blend better, while also allowing more curl underneath show - if that makes any sense.

Then, I also scrunch, skip-curl or otherwise twist those sections to encourage curl. Some days it works, others it doesn't.

If I am really desperate, I just got at the straight pieces with a curling iron. This isn't any everyday thing, but with the right size iron, it really blends in with my natural curl pattern and makes my hair looks amazing.

I have seen on a YT video where someone use a fat straw - the the ones you get with pearl teas, to twist stubborn sections and they looked perfect - I am going to try that. It seems to look better then twisting around the finger because you can be more controlled about it.

Otherwise, what usually do it find a way to style it to hide then less curly part by pinning the front back, or doing twists with the front pieces and pinning them, creating a half up do.