So the bread machine was still stuck on the XL setting. I thought I'd be smart and make an XL loaf. Bad idea. It overflowed and became and XXXL loaf and it's taken 30 minutes to get it out and clean the half cooked dough off the inside of the lid. Most of the loaf was saved but the top was sacrificed to the bin.

After I'd cleaned it I turned it on to make sure it was ok and it's reset itself and I can programme it. I'm only going to let it make dough from now on. I'll cook it in the oven.

I just wanted bread for the morning! What a way to spend a Saturday night. Stupid machine.
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Why not make it the old fashioned way?
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Hee, I keep wondering why not cut out the middle man myself, kat.
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The idea of chucking all the ingredients in and leaving it appeals to the lazy in me. Obviously, it's turning out to be more work than making it the old fashioned way!

I'm just going to use the infernal thing to knead the dough and then cook in the oven from now on. Good job I didn't pay for it!
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