omg, i can't believe how helpful this will be to me, my first week on the site & as i've posted before, haven't even seen the CG book...
i have a zillion tabs open to read all the links you posted. quick ? though- the apple-cider rinse: is there a recipe for this as well? i'm not just dumping a bottle of that on my head am i? lol!!! hahaha (no seriously now-what do i do?)
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I mix about 1/4 cup ACV with 1 3/4 cup warm water. I know some people do it stronger than others. I find this ratio works for me but you can play around, to see what makes your hair feel its best. If you search "ACV rinse" you should find a bunch of threads on how people do theirs. Oh, and if you have shorter air, you don't need 2 cups of rinse. I have dense hair that is bra strap length and I find 2 cups is more than enough.

HTH and good luck!