That way sounds so much easier and better for the hair! I just haven't been able to blow mine out without it getting huge and unmanageable.

Another thing I'll do is on day two curly hair, skip the flat ironing part that I described earlier, and just take chunks of hair and curl them with a curling iron. I find that smooths the hair but keeps the volume (verses flat ironing). Also much faster and not as damaging.

3a (
with 3b)
Fine texture/
Normal porosity/Medium density
Low Poo
(Aveda's damage remedy); Styling: Aveda's: Color Conserve Daily leave in+ Be Curly Style Prep+ Phomollient (mixed w/ Defining Whip)
Finishing: Aveda's Texturizing Creme or Defining Whip; Eufora Pure Polish Drops
Aveda's Madder Root condish+Clove condish