Its really good for locking. So if you're trying to loc, it will loc faster.
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what is the lock?
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Locs AKA Dreadlocks.

It has become preferential to call them "locs" as opposed dreadlocks because the second has negative connotations.

One story attached to the original origin of the term, "dreadlocks" is that Africans that were forced into slavery and shipped off to different corners of the world were forced to travel in crowded and unsanitary conditions in the bottom of the slaver boats; they had no way to groom or comb their hair. Their hair matted and tangled and formed long ropes of enmeshed hair.

Keep in mind, the slaves were on the boats for months at a time. This is why so many of them didn't make it and died along the way.

When the newly forced slaves were finally brought from out of the bottom of the boats and onto the shores of their respective new "homes" (for lack of a better term) people, both buyers of the slaves and observers of the slave trade, pointed at their uncombed and matted, tangled, enmeshed hair and called their "locks" (of hair) dreadful. The term was shortened through the generations and centuries to "dreadlock". Now many, knowing where the term originates from, feel it's better to call them simply locs.

Just a little history lesson for you to go along with the answer to your question.

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Wow, get outta here!
Now look at how many people wear them for vanity nowadays...
I just felt priviliged to have been able to read that. They sho' don't tell it like that anymore !!

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