Just wanted to chime in and say I think I'm having the best hair day ever!! Today I used the CJBLI+CEJ+FHG and topped it off with a little CIAB = winning combo!! Great, clumpy spirals, bounce, definition, shine, and about as frizz-free as I'm gonna get I thought the CJCCCC I used in place of the BLI the other day was good, but my ends seemed dry/frizzy. I figure maybe it's the wheat protein in the CCCC, so I'm trying to eliminate proteins from my products & see if it helps. Using the BLI today, my ends are more moisturized and less frizzy. Gotta love a good hair day
Cyndi ~ TX CG since 11/10
3a, medium texture, normal porosity & elasticity, medium density, color-treated, frizz-prone

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Cleansing: CJ DF
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