Cyndi, I don't do good with wheat protein either, the CCCC lt. Does not have that in it, so that could be an option for you too. Can't wait to get my samples and try all the CJ products thanks to two wonderful cur lies on here that helped me out!
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Yeah, that's an option. I've already used everything that came in my CJ sample pack. I wish I would've had the SS and CJ at the same time to mix & match I did like the CCCCL, and I may get it later, but for now, the BLI is working great with the CEJ/FHG. The CCCCL has silk amino acids, but I think my hair likes them ok. And the CCCCL is rec'd for low to med dews, so it may not work (for me) during our TX summers!! I think my next focus will be low poo and/or cowash. Looking into CJDF or SS has a couple, I think (cream poo & cleansing cream). Her etsy site is down right now while she moves to her new site.
Let us know how you like your CJ samples
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