Just had to comment on this older post. I am totally in this boat too. I spent years trying to "fix" the spots that would not stay straight in my bob and in bangs. Finally realized it is not straight about 15 yrs ago and i have been experimenting on it since.

I can coax out a few ringlets but I am mostly waves. My hair will straighten overnight too. Without product and scrunching I have goofy messy hair.

Sometimes though I feel I go the other direction and follow techniques and use products that are meant for much curlier hair. Needless to say that often leaves me frustrated and sad about my not quite curls. I really need to stop trying to make more curls and embrace the waves I have.
Using FIA: 2b/2a mix with a few ringlets in the canopy, straighter in the under layer by my neck. Thin in density, fine strands. Normal porosity. Hennaed.

Go To's: Aveda, Lush

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