Week 1 of protective styling.
Dusted ends and twisted with that dear
SheaMoisture DTM that I can't seem to depart with(because I spent my hard earned $10!)
Gee I am so stubborn...

3rd day WnG: this morning oiled w/ grapeseed oil then later sprayed with water & Oyin Frank Juice...
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Presto!, why would you spray your hair with water and the Frank Juice? Is it stickier than the Juices & Berries? I'm getting ready to buy that Frank Juice, but not if it's sticky... errr...
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I use the water spritz to get my hair to loosen up and drop from the 'binapples' and sleeping on it. The Frank Juice, I use like hair perfume. I'd use at least half a bottle trying to use the FJ alone for refreshing my big head.

It's sorta sticky, IMO. The water first helps though. I do the same on my daughters hair now (water first), Once I used all FJ and her hair was sticky and lint magnet-y.
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I remember reading online where someone said that they diluted their J&B's. Have either of you tried this? I think it's a decent route to go if you use one of the 3 oz bottles. That way you get twice as much J&B without the stickiness
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