Week 1 of protective styling.
Dusted ends and twisted with that dear
SheaMoisture DTM that I can't seem to depart with(because I spent my hard earned $10!)
Gee I am so stubborn...

Presto!, why would you spray your hair with water and the Frank Juice? Is it stickier than the Juices & Berries? I'm getting ready to buy that Frank Juice, but not if it's sticky... errr...
Originally Posted by ReynaCR
I use the water spritz to get my hair to loosen up and drop from the 'binapples' and sleeping on it. The Frank Juice, I use like hair perfume. I'd use at least half a bottle trying to use the FJ alone for refreshing my big head.

It's sorta sticky, IMO. The water first helps though. I do the same on my daughters hair now (water first), Once I used all FJ and her hair was sticky and lint magnet-y.
Originally Posted by Presto!
I remember reading online where someone said that they diluted their J&B's. Have either of you tried this? I think it's a decent route to go if you use one of the 3 oz bottles. That way you get twice as much J&B without the stickiness
Originally Posted by kayb
Great idea! I'm going to dilute the rest!

I'm not sure if fj and jb are the same formula besides frag cos I've only tried fj.

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