I tend to buy more, just because I re-read books over and over and over again. As stupid as it sounds, I get very attached to them. The creases on the spine, where I've turned a page over - all hold memories for me. Its a personal thing. I love the smell of a fresh new book. I'm also building up my own library. So far I own around 500 or so. I've given away 12 in my lifetime that I didn't like.

I do also borrow books from the library (and if I like them I buy them) - but not so much recently. Ours isn't that well stocked and I really hate books with god knows what between the pages.

However I am a big supporter of libraries in general - I think they are wonderful and I wish the books there were better taken care of and had a bigger range.
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I get super attached to my books too! They are my babies and best friends. I have a pretty large library at the moment (too big for my current space) and I'm trying to read through all the texts that I'm "supposed" to know as a potential English and Social Studies teacher so the library and I are BFF's right now! Now I only purchase books I really liked or need to reference often, authors I love, and copies of GWTW. I collect them. It's my goal to own at least one of every edition! I want to be a dorky expert they call to verify these things on Antiques Roadshow or something. No first editions yet but I do have 2 from 1939, a couple from the 60's (one with original jacket!) some paper back/trade editions, a movie edition and it keeps growing! I also have a growing collection of old editions of Longfellow's works as well as old history books. I need to start cataloging them!

Libraries have always been one of my favorite places to be so by patronizing them I help to keep them in business. It's so much less expensive and super easy. I utilize inter-library loan quite a bit as my local library is fairly small. General check out length is 3 weeks and I can easily renew. Most of the libraries in the state share a database with the local university system so I can log in from home or work, browse for books, order it on ILL if they don't have it at my local branch, and renew stuff (unless there's a hold on it). They also send me handy emails when I need to return/renew stuff. Tonight I start volunteering there too! Libraries also have great book sales to raise money and regain shelf space by selling off multiples of older books or ones that aren't circulating much any more or random patron donations they don't really need.

I think in my next life/when I retire I want to be a reference librarian. Too bad you need a master's for that too! I just want to help people research!