So Cyndi-which line did you like more? I used all of my SS sample yesterday as well and I'm tempted to go ahead and buy full bottles now but I need to wait until I try the CJ products.
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I really liked some of each of the lines. Here's the products that were standouts for me -

Curl enhancer-SS CEJ; (really liked CCCC Lite too but will probably order the CEJ; may get the CCCCL later)
Gel- SS FHG/CJ AFL-love both! May prefer the AFL, but the CEJ/FHG seem to work really well together; love the texture of the fhg; will probably get both gels.
PT- CJ Repair Me- love!
DT-CJ Rehab- havent tried the SS DD but may before I make a decision on a dt
Serum-CJ CIAB-shiniest hair ever when use this!

I prefer the gelly type texture of the CEJ/FHG to some of the creamy type CJ prods. I havent used any of the conditioners/cleansers from either line, but I have the CJ Beauticurls Strengthening Cond on order.
I definately think the CJ stylers are heavier than the SS, if that matters to you. A little goes a long way with the CJ.
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