Thanks for the great input!
I really like the SS CEJ/FHG combo as well, I even get a lot of curl enhancement with the FHG alone. I may plan on getting some of both as well if the CJ works for me so my hair doesn't get satiated ( Kathymacs reccomendation ) on any one product and stop working.

After reading a lot of info. on the CJ line I was going to try both the CCCC lt. and the CIAB as a curl enhancer with either CQ or Aloe fix lt. on top or the CCCC lt. with the CIAB as a gel. Did you get any curl enhancement from the CIAB alone? Does it have enough hold as a gel? Or is it best used as a final product on wet hair or to SOTC for shine.

The only thing that you have that I'm not getting a sample of is the LI, I use my own cond, as a LI. But I am getting the repair me and the rehab. Thanks for your help!
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I haven't tried the CIAB by itself so I don't know how much hold it would give you alone. It says its a lightweight liquid styling gel/serum with a light hold. That's why I like to use it with the CEJ/FHG combo bc it provides a little extra hold. The CCCCL may work for you during the summer since you previously said the dews are always low in AZ; i don't think it's gonna work for me when the dews get high here in TX. You mentioned trying the CQ. That has wheat protein in it that you said previously your hair didn't like, but you never know, its in the sample pack so it wont hurt to try it.
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