**Warning: Long Post**
I like to visit the library frequently. I used to really be into audio books but haven't checked any out in quite some time. I check out lots of paperback books for my kids when possible because I've had to replace quite a few hardback books which can get expensive. I don't squawk about it because I too don't mind supporting libraries.
I also like checking out DVDs and CDs and taking my kids there for the summer programs they offer. Whenever there's something new or popular I buy it instead of waiting on the list indefinitely.
I love going to bookstores with my friends for coffee and book browsing. The smell of bookstores is intoxicating to me as well as "Home Depot" (weird I know). I like to see what's new and I keep a running list of "must read" books based on what's in the bookstores. Sometimes I treat myself to a new book but mostly I treat my daughter.
I have a Kindle but don't use it much because I like the feel of a real book in my hands. Although "Soul Identity,"one Kindle book I read was a page turner. I've decided I would use the Kindle to read the classics, more or less.

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