I did use my AOGPB and AOHR first before getting highlighted and noticed my hair was limp and lifeless....so after reading many reviews on nc.com I decided the AOHR might be too moisturizing for me to use as a DT so I re-washed the next day with a low poo and did a rinse out with the AOGPB and my curls popped right back.

Any reason to wait 10 days before doing a PT and DT after highlighting?
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Yeah, the AOHR is too much for my hair, too.

Doing a protein treatment with heat (which is how I used to do protein treatments after coloring/highlighting) immediately after highlighting could affect the color. If you do a search, you can probably find more explanation on this - something about breaking down bonds, etc., etc., - I can't remember exactly. Now, usually all I do is use CJ Repair me a week before coloring and then again a week or so after I just use CJ Repair Me in the shower and leave on for 10 minutes or so and follow with a little CJ Rehab - seems to be fine for keeping my hair in shape. I haven't been doing treatments with heat as often as I used to; if I feel my hair needs it and I'm feeling ambitious, I will do a heat treatment.
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