I did use my AOGPB and AOHR first before getting highlighted and noticed my hair was limp and lifeless....so after reading many reviews on nc.com I decided the AOHR might be too moisturizing for me to use as a DT so I re-washed the next day with a low poo and did a rinse out with the AOGPB and my curls popped right back.

Any reason to wait 10 days before doing a PT and DT after highlighting?
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Yeah, the AOHR is too much for my hair, too.

Doing a protein treatment with heat (which is how I used to do protein treatments after coloring/highlighting) immediately after highlighting could affect the color. If you do a search, you can probably find more explanation on this - something about breaking down bonds, etc., etc., - I can't remember exactly. Now, usually all I do is use CJ Repair me a week before coloring and then again a week or so after I just use CJ Repair Me in the shower and leave on for 10 minutes or so and follow with a little CJ Rehab - seems to be fine for keeping my hair in shape. I haven't been doing treatments with heat as often as I used to; if I feel my hair needs it and I'm feeling ambitious, I will do a heat treatment.
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Thank you, I'm researching now. So did you keep your AOHR and use it as a rinse out? I'm contemplating returning it.

Thanks Cyndi- I pm'd Rymorg since she is the expert, and I couldn't find a definite answer in that long thread I remember reading before too.
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I gave the AOHR to my husband - his hair will take heavier moisturizers than mine will. He ended up not liking it after awhile, either, and after it sat around forever, I just tossed it.

Do you have the CJ Beauticurls Strengthening conditioner? This is one of my absolute favorites that I've been using regularly and the protein and moisture is so well balanced, it's been keeping my hair in great shape.
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