Hi all,

Just another newcomer here... have been curly all my life, thinking I am somewhere in the 2c or 3b range. I stumbled across this site while looking for a pic to give to my stylist before trying to explain once again how I would like my cut (and not ending up with what I envisioned).

I can't believe I have never found this site before! I have seen lots of sites about curly hair over the years, but most have seemed pretty useless, and often promoted by a certain product line, which means to me that they are very biased. So I never really looked for forums on curly hair.

I can't believe the wealth of shared knowledge here (I have pretty much wasted an entire work day here just reading!) I had no idea there was a community like this, and wish I had found it years ago. I thought I knew a lot about caring for and styling my hair, but the products and methods mentioned here are all new to me... makes me feel like I have been living in curly-haired naivety for my whole life.

Can't wait to re-educate myself. Thanks to everyone who contributes here and shares their tips and experiences!