Hi all! How exciting... I feel like a whole new world has opened up... I never thought to look at the Aussie swap board for info! It's always so disheartening when you hear about all these great products and find out you can only get them in the US or UK.

I recently moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and had the same experience some of the others have had. Big, fluffy, dry hair by early afternoon.

After reading countless (and I mean countless!) threads and trying honey, aloe vera gel, deep conditioning and different conditioners, I discovered coconut oil. It has helped heaps! I also changed conditioner to MOP mixed greens. I quite like the smell. So I now cond with MOP, rinse with cold water, put some avg and tiny bit of oil in my hair and plop in a microfibre towel (those light blue ones you get from the airport). I'm now on the lookout for a gel.

Btw, my routine in Melbourne was cond with Aubrey Organics (hydrating) blue chamomile, use MOP C curl cream and plop. That really worked for me, esp in winter. You can get the AO at Prahran Health foods. Hope that helps!

I have fine, 3b, protein loving (sometimes), medium length hair.