I'm a Federal employee and a manager so I'm getting a double whammy. I had to call a staff meeting to address the rumors and explain the shut down to folks. It is one of the HARDEST things I've had to do ever. They can't use thier sick or vacation leave. Can't seek temp employment some where else. Can't volunteer to keep working w/o pay. My admin just came to me in tears. She and her hubby (also a govn't employee) leave almost paycheck to paycheck because they have a special needs child who needs almost 24/7 care and another child that is developmentally delayed. They pay tution for a private school that has a speical program that helps both children. The only thing that I could tell her was that if the shutdown lasts for more than a week, they can file for unemployment...but that's less than 1/2 of there usual pay. What do you say to people in these situations. Sorry doesn't cut it....and they certainly don't give a crap about the "bigger fight" when they can't put food on the table or care for thier kids.

My agency (EPA) was also one of the budget issues and along with planned parenthood is included as a policy "rider" where they are trying to undercut the legislative mandate that we have to protect the health, safety and environment of the american public. Why? Because we slap big business with huge fines and fees when they knowingly break the law and endanger our lives.

I'm just soooo frustrated right now...
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