"'m running and have been since my late 20's. I actually think gray hair looks fabulous with some complexions. My very pale skin has a yellow (ivory) undertone and I look totally washed out with gray hair. My mom and sister have much more color in their pinkish skin and they look terrific with gray hair. I've also seen some women with very dark skin who look sensational with gray hair.

I think if you have good contrast between the gray and your skintone, it makes a big difference. I look washed out in gray clothing also. If I looked well in gray hair I would definitely do it but since it makes me look like I've been in a crypt for a month, no way."

Running, and will be for a very long time LOL! I'm in exactly the same boat, except that my skin may be a shade or two deeper than yours. No grey for me, thank you very much! The rest of me looks young, and I'm fit and like to wear interesting clothes, so why should I look like death-warmed-over with grey hair. I get a LOT of compliments on my color jobs(including from my haircutter)and how it suits me(rich coppery auburn brown achieved with 3 shades of Revlon Colorsilk). Fortunately my hair doesn't grow really fast, so my color jobs last a lot longer than people whose hair grows fast.