starmie thats exactly where i was in 2002--so if u want to try some robt craig golden blonde #18 its great, i just got too old for it. it made my mousy hair a very rich golden brown and very lively--you can see on my fotki from 2010 and before the color. i have some extra boxes of it if u want to try it...PM me
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Ah, that's kind of you but I'm not sure we can get RC here in Aus and I wouldn't want to find something I love only to find I have to pay shipping all the time!
My usual colour has gone MIA here in South Australia so I'm trying different ones. After a disaster last month when I ended up way too dark, I actually bought a dark golden blonde yesterday to try this week. Maybe it will turn out as light as it looks (not my experience generally I have to say) and I can gradually blend the grey away as a lighter brown. Here's hoping.
Thanks again for the offer.
3b in South Australia.