SO got an email this morning about a fantastic work opportunity to travel to Japan in May. But he needs to renew his passport first and now there is this whole cloud of uncertainty over whether he'll be able to do so in time.

A friend's dad has lung cancer. He's going to die from it and so had planned a long-desired trip to see the Smithsonian Museums in DC. Can't do it it if the government shuts down. Probably won't ever happen for him.

I'm getting really pissed off at people on FB and stuff who say, "Who will even noticed if the government shuts down?" Um, I will! SO will! My friend's dad certainly will!

One of these people saying/writing that kind of stuff is a FB friend from high school who now works for the Air Force. His job is one of the "essential services" that would be protected, and so his job is safe [although I understand his pay will be delayed, which totally blows]. Still he thinks it's okay to trash those other services that we rely on and show no regard for people's livelihoods and plans for the future.

I going to remove him as a FB friend before I posted something on his wall that I'm going to regret. Jerk.

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