I think your roommate got defensive because when she commented on your straight hair you told her that you didn't like it and couldn't wait to wash it.

Kind of off topic but I don't like the "jump on the straight haired girl" train we have on here sometimes...I'm pretty sure that if the story were reversed, and your straight haired roommate came home with a head full of curls and you said, "Omg! You curled your hair!" and she responded, "Oh I know, but I am SO not a fan..." there would be a thread on here saying that she was acting like curly hair wasn't good enough and it was offensive. I think we need to remember that there are people in the world with naturally straight hair, and their hair is pretty too. In praising our curls I feel as if we are supposed to be bashing straight hair...Yes, her comments were a little overkill, but I'm pretty sure she was giving you a side eye for acting like your straight hair was oh so unappealing.
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