How do I make my hair less stringy and more big curls??? PLEASE HELP.

Usually when I come out of the shower and style my hair, my curls are just stringy, GRR! But yesterday when I went to the hair salon, the lady styled my hair in a way that it wasn't stringy, but nice and NOT FRIZZy! (which is a huge problem for me) My hair is halfway down my back with layers that I got yesterday.
The hairstylist just used products, spray bottle of water, & diffused. Should I just not scrunch??? and then there is the frizz prob. UGH!!!

How do I get it to be less like this...

And more like this (sorry I didn't think of taking a picture that day

^^ this is literally what it turned out like when the hairstylist did it, but I don't know what I did wrong BOOHOO.

I think she said to spray water in my hair after I applied all the products or something... I wasn't listening! :P
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