Poodle, I did see that. I have seen Obama's bc [the short form]. Not sure why The Donald hasn't or maybe he has and wants to see the long form. I'm guessing it was real. It looked real
Agree w/ what curlylew said...really, it's all about negotiating & imho he does it well...
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I think all the brouhaha over the birth cert. is idiotic, and I probably disagree with The Donald on every social issue, but if he, (and congress) could fix the economy, I'd vote for him. The fact that he's another privileged white guy - I get what Party Hair is saying about that, but again, if he could benefit our economy (a big IF) I'd vote for him. I feel we are in desperate straits - I wouldn't vote for a racist or Sarah Palin (sorry Palin fans - I think she's an idiot) but barring obviously despicable characters, I'll vote for whomever I think will have smarts about our economic situation. I read that 1 in 7 Americans is going hungry - my sister is on food stamps - everyone I know is looking for a job - people are dying for want of decent healthcare....I think we are in a depression and desperate times call for desperate measures.
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No one has the smarts on the economic situation. If they did, it would be fixed. We are due for a depression. Prosperous times are always going to be followed by less prosperous times. It's a pattern that has spanned throughout the ages. The population is too large and the environment is stretched to the limit because of it. People need to get smart about managing themselves better and not rely on the govt. In the past, if you couldn't afford to raise a family, you didn't have kids. If you couldn't afford to feed yourself, you starved. I've worked in bkty. law and frankly, I got tired of seeing so many clients who were on SSI and supposedly couldn't work, but sure could keep making babies, babies that they received money and medical cards for each month.

This country is aching for a depression, in large part becuase of its misteps. I think I was born in the wrong part of the world, because in much of the world you take care of yourself, and if you can't, too bad. I'm not a Republican, but I definitely believe that this shouldering of everybody has got to stop. How about shouldering the environment which is on its last leg and has to be shouldered to take care of us all?