We're not even entirely sure WHAT my hair is, because it hasn't been short in 20+ years.

I have 2b/2c hair right now, VERY thick auburn-ish (I'm 1/2 Irish), when wet it creates ringlets, but the sheer weight of it (I can sit on my hair) drags the curl out, so it's... wavy? Ish? lol like I said, we're not sure. My gf is blessed(?) with straight hair, and it's pretty fine/thin, especially compared to mine.

My gf and I are going to take the plunge and lop off hair, for me it'll be about 24", which'll be the shortest my hair has ever been, and I'm terrified of looking like a poodle (I might have 3a but who knows until it's free to curl?).

While I'm gonna grow it out again, I'm going to do it right this time: NO chemical dyes (I stopped a few years ago and turned to Henna, but the ends are still very sad), no sulphates, etc.

I've been perusing around here for help with how to deal with what will inevitably be a nightmare; transitioning from semi fried (at least the final 8" or so), crazily long hair to chemical free, frighteningly short (for me) locks. I'm going to end up with a graduated bob, with the back chin length and the front shoulder length. I suspect/fear my curls will say "Oh hello there!!!" and make a comeback, but I don't want to "straighten" it like I did in middle school (with a curling iron, since there were no flat irons then). Instead, I've decided to help my hair be the best it can, and embrace whatever nature throws at me.

Otherwise, I'm a mom of 2, and work for a major computer game company, making MMO's, and I'm lucky enough to work from home, so I have some leeway if things go awry

So, that's me, and I'll lurk a bit more, and post before/after pics after the big lop-off
AFTER I'm done crying over my 24" braid