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I'm shocked! The CQ worked really well for me! And I thought I was sensitive to wheat proteins. It actually gave me great definition clumps and curls.

CJ Aloe fix lt.- didn't give me much definition, gave me some frizz and didn't feel like much hold.

CCCClt.-I got a lot of volume from this but no root curl and some frizz on top, the rest of my hair had some nice curls but poofy looking overall.

CIAB-LOVE IT!!! Gave me beautiful clumps, spirals and shiny curls! Felt like it would even have enough hold for me, if not, I could try with a little CQ or SS FHG.

Haven't tried the PT's ( Curl fix or Repair me) or the DT Rehab yet, so many products, so little time!!!

Of course this is my first assessment only...I'm going to use these for the week and then place my order.
Originally Posted by Beebop
Sounds promising! I'd recommend trying the CCCC lite with either CQ or CIAB on top, and see if you like it better. The Aloe lite might be a good high dew product, given how much glycerin it contains, so it might be worth trying it again in summer. I found the regular Aloe helpful to SOTC and tame frizz in high humidity (though a bit heavy, so Aloe lite might be perfect).
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