Hi all,

I'm new to the site.I have been doing alot of reading and find myself a little bit overwhelmed. I BC'd in nov 2009. I did it myself by whipping out my husbands clippers and going to town. I couldn't make it even so I shaved it all off until I was nearly bald.
I was cool with that I just wore big earrings and more make up. I didn't know about naturally curly at that time and didn't really have a clue what to do with my hair.

As it started growning it i began wrestling with it and a pick in the morning. And eventually it seemed long enough to push back with a headband and wear in a puff. I'm generally cool with that but its so dry and the breakage I'm getting is crazy. My hair is everywhere it worse than having a cat. Also my sister told me that I'm looking like cornel west and while I admire many things about him , his hair is not one of them.

So i'm really happy to have found this site . It's got great info but for someone like me who has no idea what to really do with some of these products it can be a challenge.

Today I co-washed my hair with mixed chicks deep conditioner, detangled in the shower with that. Then put is miss jessie curly pudding. I'm not exactly sure what I should be expecting from this combination or if I should have put something else in it before i put in the curly pudding. And when it finally dries am I supposed to use yet another product to style it ?

should I be styling is while it wet or should I let it dry?I honestly have not a clue. I never did my hair growing up. I was always told it was too thick for me to manage even when it was relaxed. Incollege I just used my little bit of money from my part time job to go to the hairdresser every two weeks. I wasn't trying to do anything other than comb it.

I've just order a bunch of products from curlmart and I don't want to waste my money so I figure I get some clarity before doing any more experiments.

Items purchased:
jessicurl weekly deeptreatment
Jessicurl aloeba daily conditioner
kinky Curly curling custard
Knot today

Any advice or direction you can offer will be greatly appreciated. What I'm hoping to achive is soft healthy curls and eventually some length.