Thank you so much for this recipe IAgirl! I
have a few questions about it though.
1) I am a bit picky about texture. Is it ok to put the ingredients in the blender or could that affect the protein? I can't think why it would but I wanted to ask anyway. I would dissolve the gelatine then pour that in the blender with the other ingredients. (The recipe with conditioner)
2) I did the heavy duty version with magnesium sulphate. It left my hair feeling a little dry when I was rinsing it out but I was generous with my leave in and the next day, my hair was incredible!!!! I was really impressed. Sadly, the results didn't last long, 2 or 3 days. I am guessing that means I need more protein. How often should I do the treatment? Should I use gel or condish with protein in between treatments to make them 'last' longer?

Thanks for all your help!