I ordered and received mine from angus&robertson.com.au it cost me around $24 and I had it in just over two weeks, fantastic book but to be honest...there is no info in that book that you cant find on here. It is good to have your info all in one place though so you dont have to waste time searching...By the way, this would make an amaaaaazing gift for someone, especially if theyve never heard of the curly girl method
1/2 Maori 1/2 White.
Natural brown-black with bleached top half.
Porosity: Blonde- High, Black-Normal
Elasticity: Blonde- Low, Black- Normal
Characteristics: Blonde-Snapping,dry, very notty & lost most curl. When naked it's dry,brittle & fluffy,snaps when fingers run through.Resembles cotton candy.Black-Fine but thick,frizzy & dry as expected. Bouncy curls to ringlets.Horrid when naked.
CG/ModCG/not CG: CG as of 24/03/2011
Live on Sunshine Coast,QLD.Normally very hot & humid here.