I am grateful for all these prospectives. I am entering the "real" working world soon (meaning I am graduating from college and getting an entry level job).

I work in an professional environment now and have come into the office with damp hair. I don't really have a choice: I used to have to be at work by 8 or 8:30 and had to spend an hour on public transit, so even getting up at 6 am to shower doesn't really give me enough time for my hair to dry completely.

So far my boss hasn't cared, I am the youngest in the office and have been given permission to dress causally because my job is 100% behind the scenes.

That being said, I am looking for a much better, much more professional full time job and should probably really try to look nice every day.

I have never left the house with dripping wet hair, its always damp at most. Is that so bad? Most of the time its about half dry. My hair is also a dark brown, so the color it is when wet is not much different from when it is dry.

I feel for curly girls out there, our hair can take a long time to dry and when we have to be at jobs early in the morning, damp hair seems like the easiest option.

I hate using my diffuser, but if I need to in order to get a good job, I'll do it.
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