I used the Sitrinillah mask on Saturday and I really liked it. Since I used DB's mask on my previous wash, at first I was disappointed at not getting the "submission" hair with the Sitrinillah - I know I shouldn't compare the two, but I couldn't help it. However, the Sitrinillah surprised me in a different way.

What I really liked about this DC was that my curls immediately came back to life. My hair was elongated from the clarifying shampoo, but as soon as I applied the DC, my curls were popping everywhere. It has very nice slip so detangling was easy. It absorbed easily as well. I left it on for about 45 min under a regular plastic cap and no heat. I was watching a basketball game on TV, so I wasn't even generating excess heat. My hair came out very smooth, nice and curly and shiny. I took a pic after the DC step since I really like the results. I'll insert later tho. I'm going to keep this in rotation with the DB Deep Conditioning Mask.

Whipped Cream is tacky feeling to me, but I only tried it on hair that already hair much product buildup, so I will revisit soon. I have two bottles, so I may be giving one away.

I'm not getting the Almond Glaze. I tried it on my ends after using a moisturizer - it was ok. I tried to slick back the top of my hair that I pulled back and the frizz came back a few minutes later. I'll keep messing with it because I do like the feel.

I have been in love with the Cocasta oil since my first Hairveda purchase in 2009. It can do no wrong, ever... well, as long as it remains the same, it will remain my favorite oil.

I haven't used the Methi Sativa yet or the Phyto conditioner, so I can't comment on those, atm.
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