I've been wanting to make a shea butter mix for my hair for a while now; but yesterday I went to my local natural food store, found some and did the most dissapointing thing ever: smell it. It stank soo much that I put it aside. Then I decided to check out if maybe I'd buy some essential oil to get rid of the smell. Bad thing is, shea butter cost 16$, and essential oil 14$... My wallet screamed in protest.. Do you guys think shea butter is really worth it? Thanks a bnch, and scuse me for my ignorance :P
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i know exactly what you mean. the one at whole foods was HORRIBLE. at one of the coops in my city, i found shea that is very pure and shipped in regularly. its in a large container and they allow you to scoop. the smell is very light and the consistency smooth. try and find unrefined and organic in bulk where you can scoop yourself (preferably into a glass container- in my opinion those cheap plastic containers impact freshness).
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