I agree with P2D when she stated that all you really need is a cleanser, conditioner and a moisturizer. I would also add to that some type of oil to help seal in the moisture once you've moisturized your hair. Note, these products may change due to the seasons or the climate where you live.

I also agree with SmartKitty with not picking out your hair everyday. I tried to use a pick in my hair when it was shorter to make my 'fro more even. But, all that did was cause my hair to tangle and eventually break. So, I no longer use a pick in my hair. The only time when I use a comb in my hair is to detangle on wash day. Other than that, the only tool I use for my hair are my fingers.

Another thing I would suggest to you would be to try and find a natural hair support group in your area. This can also be a great help for you if you ever get frustrated or discouraged during your journey (we all have at some point.) But, the most important thing to remember is you have to use/do what's best for your hair. Good luck