aawww thank you

i stopped using Ouidad since going cg- i've only been cg about 2 weeks or so and am using CURLS products now (sometimes a little carol's daughter too)

no i want to grow my bangs out, they drive me crazy! my hair goal length right now is like haley from american idol. i was just going to trim them like how it says to trim own bangs in the curl girl book, but i'm too nervous- i'll just hold out til next time i get the color done...i'm growing out the chemical softener but i can't part with my color haha
2c/3a..fine/regular texture..normal porosity..low elasticity..high density..cherub curls

MONAT all natural hair products are the absolute BEST

goals: grow out bad breakage cut and artificial hair color1
last softener: Sept 2010
last color: 2.14.15
last cut/trim: 4.7.15

blog: http://dianemarybeauty.blogspot.com