I wear hose when I wear dresses. I was raised by my super-proper grandma and I still hear her voice when I even think about going out in a dress of a certain length, or without proper foundation garments lol.

In all seriousness, I do think it is professional to wear sheers at work and I just do it for church and all special occasions like the ladies here say. I just wish it was more common. It is hard to find every day sheers, especially in colors for African American skintones. So, if they come back in fashion I wil be so happy.

And sorry, back to the OP, I say wear a pair. Either in a dark color so your skin tone won't be an issue or get some in a shade or two darker. If it's a nice dress I say invest in a nice pair from Macy's or someplace where they carry a lot of shade. Hanes make a pearl white, a barely there, little color (all actual product names) which go well with lighter skintones, in a variety of thicknesses, from opaque to extra sheer.
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