Unfortunately living in a Karst topography area (limestone & sinkhole country) means hard water. I have tried washing water only. It usually leaves the hair hard and crunchy. Unfortunately, alcohols are the least horrible option. I cannot do the cones because they dry the hair, and so of course do the sulfates.

So, I do not shampoo (even Redkin has 'fates!). I want to check out the Sallies where I live, and see what they have, but I still have the conditioner (Tresemme Naturals and it works well) I finally found, so I don't think I will be going any time soon. However, with the weather getting warmer and more humid, my hair seems to be curling better, so I am not so concerned with the conditioning.

I find that a combination of olive oil+grape seed oil+sesame seed oil makes a great deep conditioner. I make my own by doing equal parts of those three things. I would like to add more expensive oils, but I think I must leave it as is until I can afford them. I decided to go the dyi route for deep conditioner because the deep conditioners I find at the stores all have alcohol in them.

One of the things I love about having curly hair is that I feel sexy in it. I can't explain the why of it exactly, but I think it is partially having the confidence to go natural in an area where men with medium to longish curly hair are definitely the minority. People, especially women (which is the great part), seem to like my look (hair medium length paired with full beard growing in- mixed ethnicity and don't seem to have heavy beard). There were a few other guys at work with medium hair but two were straight-haired which all things being equal actually put them at a disadvantage with medium length hair as per the feedback they seem to have gotten from people. As long as I keep mine off my face, it seems to be all right. The other guy who had curly hair didn't want to be bothered with looking kempt and came in today with a faux-hawk. The guys who cut their hair short seem to have been given an over-emphasized "Very nice ___!" reaction by human resources. Human resources in the place where I work is somewhat akin to Catbert, so I really don't care (my brother got married and I asked for a weekend off for a Friday and Saturday off for the wedding and I only got put on the schedule for two days that week- I could have worked the rest of the week before that and I worked the Sunday following the wedding, it was a kind of a "You won't do that again now will you" sort of treatment) what she says as long as I have a job.

Any way, hope everyone is having a good night/day.