Oh GAWD no.

I don't use brushes of any kind, but just because I don't doesn't mean it doesn't work for others. I WILL say however, that of all the brushes out there the only one I'd consider trying is the denman you're considering...BUT if you have thicker hair, DON'T get the D3. I've heard about women with thicker curls ripping their hair out with it (I guess it's a smaller denman?) Try the D30-whatever one if you do get it
Originally Posted by itsKelCeeEee
Thanks, I've heard that too. I bought the Goody version of the D3 this morning, my hair is SHORT! I figured I can work with that for now, if it's no good, it was only $4.99 as opposed to $10+ for the Denman. If I still decide I need one, I'll do the Denman D31 since I have yet to see another brand with a similar brush.
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