Girl, you gotta get TIVO or DVR from Dish Network or SOMETHING!!! I have had it since 2000 when I got married. Frankly, I can't live without it. I have gotten hooked on other TV shows via ordering from Netflix. There's nothing like instant gratification when watching a series on DVD so you don't have all the cliffhanger action you would if watching weekly.

If we're gonna GUANO, let's do it GOOD. Here's a list of the shows I watch regularly....Let's hear yours.
  • RESCUE ME - hands down, the best show on TV that not enough people watch

    Nip/Tuck - Melrose Place filler
    The Sheild - Can't wait for this one to start up again
    24 - Jack is gonna save the world
    Prison Break
- Y'all can have all the Sawyer you want - I'm taking Michael Scoffield
LOST of course
Hair type 3A. Jessicurl is becoming my HG!

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