i'm conflicted. I have a whole collection of brushes..Denmans, shower wet brushes, Goody paddle brushes, vent brushes, boar bristles, Tangle Teezers plus some several detangling combs including the Mason Pearson.

I recently finished reading _Curly Girl_ and I've gone back to mostly fingercombing and detangling. In the shower I'll through sections with sandwiched, 'prayer hands' etc. under the stream to pull out shed hairs.

so yah, i'm conflicted because i'm afraid that ditching my brushes completely is going to leave too much shed hair behind. The last time I used a brush, i had a huge wad of hair in the brush from each side. This is even though I'd been rinsing and smoothing through it in the shower a couple times per week.

OTOH I hate how frizzy and amorphous my hair gets when i use brushes regularly. I used to brush through every week. Now I'm down to about once a month and I've found kinks and curls that I didn't know existed because it was always so separated and fuzzed out.

I think my hair looks & feels better in general since backing away from the brush. I think that those weekly sessions were snatching out more than shed hairs and my hair looked sort of weathered.
True realism consists in revealing the surprising things
which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
- Jean Cocteau

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