I use a small fake denman only when my hair is soaked with condish, for the detangling phase. I have never brushed my hair dry since I went natural. When I am applying product, I used to use a fake Denman to distribute, but with my hair, the strands want to do their own thing, so I just let them. I clump better by smoothing and raking than brushing. When I want to slick the hair back, i use a slim boars bristle brush, but put on lots of leave in moisturizer first. I will say, that the denman knockoff is pretty good at removing shed hairs. I have less knotting at the ends when I use it. When I remove the knots, I find they are made of shed hairs wrapped around rooted hair. HTH!
Hair type-BC: 2/2011-mix of kinks+ coils
Wash-Bobeam Poo bars, As I Am Cleansing Pudding and Coconut Cowash cleansing condish
LI/RO-Curl Junkie rehab, Shescentit Avocado condish, Oyin Hair dew
DT-KBB Luscious Locks, Curl Junkie ANYthing, Shescentit Avocado condish
Style- UFD, Camille Rose, Hello Curly, Kinky Curly
Sealant- Jamaican Black Castor and Avocado oils, Qhemet Biologics Honey & Olive Hydrating Balm
Will try any CG product at least once.
Proud to be a PJ!